Our terms and conditions legally bind anyone using our services

Is it your first-time availing computer network assignment help from us? We recommend you read and understand our terms of use before placing your order.

Terms and conditions

We urge you to read these terms and conditions before using our services. We strictly prohibit any improper use of our service. Continuing to place an order with us means you have read, understood, and are in agreement with our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are legally binding to anyone who use our services.

Interpretation of terms

  1. Website: The platform where you access our services. Computernetworkassignmenthelp.com
  2. Customer/clients: Anyone placing an order with us, uploading information, and making payment on our website
  3. Company/we/our: Computernetworkassignmenthelp.com. The agency providing you with the service
  4. Messaging system: The platform where the expert and the customer can have uninterrupted communication
  5. Order: Request for a paid computer network assignment help service. An order entails the details of the clients, the assignment requirements, and the terms of delivery
  6. Order status: The progress or current position of your assignment
  7. Quality assurance team: The department responsible for guaranteeing the quality status of the solutions minted by our professionals
  8. Product revision: Rework request sent by the client. We offer free product revision based on the requirements submitted while placing an order
  9. Customer support team: Our team of customer representatives. It ensures our clients get the best experience when they avail our service

Order placing

You can place an order by completing the order form provided on our homepage. This is the only way of placing an order with us. If it is your first time visiting our website, you can always seek the help of our customer support team. They are available 24x7, ready to help you with placing your order.

The order form specifies the scope of your assignment, the parameters of the order, and the terms of delivery. It is your responsibility to provide correct details of your requirements and instructions when placing your order

We request contact information such as your email address, telephone number, country of residence, and name. Should you have any difficulty in providing this information, please reach out to our customer representatives

Order payment and discounts

Placing an order with us means you have agreed to buy our service. We will start processing your order immediately after your payment has been confirmed.

We have a pricing structure for calculating the amount you are supposed to pay for our service. The amount you will pay depends on the scope of the work. You can only hold us responsible for service delivery after making a payment

We accept payment via safe and secure payment gateways like credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. We reserve the right to offer discounts at our discretion using a discount code. The customer can use this code when placing an order. We are impartial when providing discounts.

We may ask for additional payment or additional time to complete your assignment. The scope and requirement of your assignment can only be confirmed through a manual review. The customer is at liberty to accept or reject the new order parameters. If the client wishes to cancel the order due to the new parameters, then a refund will be processed according to our money-back guarantee policy.

Processing an order

  1. Validating an order: The company usually confirms and re-checks all assignments before they are delivered. We do this to confirm if your requirements were successfully met. If there is any mismatch, we will modify the solution until all your instructions are fulfilled.
  2. Order volume: Most assignments usually have a required volume, often measured by the word count or the number of pages. Our experts usually follow the formatting style requested by the client. Should the order have a mismatch in the word count, the client can always ask for a rework.
  3. Changes in requirements: You can only change the scope of your work when placing your order or if the experts have not started curating your solution. Changing the order details that increase the complexity of the work or narrow the completion terms will attract an additional charge. The additional payment will cater to the additional instructions.
  4. Resources: You should specify the resources or materials that you want to be used in your assignment. If this is not done, the expert will find and pay for the materials that your assignment requires. The additional costs incurred by the expert will be paid by the client before delivery is made
  5. Communication: We encourage our clients to communicate with the expert via our messaging system or through our customer support team. We can always schedule a skype call to enable the client to explain the requirements better.
  6. Progress tracking: You can track the progress of your assignment by talking to our customer representatives. They will provide you with a screenshot of what has been done and the portion pending.

Order delivery

We are responsible for completing your assignment on time and meeting the deadline mentioned on your order form. It is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery channel you provided (email address) is correct and working. You cannot hold the company responsible for you providing the wrong email address, spam filters, internet outages, and your general ignorance. You are responsible for checking your emails and downloading the solution promptly after it has been delivered. All orders are delivered through the email address provided by the student when placing an order.

Order Revision

We strive to equip our clients with premium quality solutions that conform to their instructions. We will be happy to edit your solution and make the necessary changes multiple times free of charge until you are satisfied. You can ask for a revision by getting in touch with our customer support team. However, the request must be in line with the requirements you submitted when placing your order.

Our quality assurance team reserves the right to reject your rework request if it doesn’t conform to your initial instructions. In such a case, you will be requested to pay an additional fee for editing and modifying the solution. Also, our quality assurance team can reject your request if it is unreasonable or amounts to exploitation.

Use of our products

By paying for our computer network assignment help service, you agree not to use the solution for commercial purposes. The payment you make is to compensate us for the time and effort we invested in conducting relevant research, solving the assignment, and service delivery. We prohibit reproduction, modification, distribution, and display of our work on the World Wide Web or in the form of a hard copy for non-personal use. We retain the full copyright privileges of the papers we produce. We provide solutions for sample, reference, research, and learning purposes.

Our responsibility

  1. We do not tolerate any form of plagiarism, fraud, and academic dishonesty
  2. We abide by all copyright laws
  3. Refer to our privacy policy for detailed information about our policies

Limitation of liability

By agreeing to these terms and conditions, you acknowledge that you cannot hold us, our partners, and affiliated companies for any losses, damages, and claims of any nature that are related to our company. These losses and claims may include but are not limited to:

  • Software, hardware, website, or network malfunctions and difficulties of any kind.
  • Delayed computer transmissions and communication
  • Conditions that arise from situations that are beyond the company’s control
  • Injuries or damages resulting from the use of our services
  • Typographical errors and printing mistakes


We have the right to terminate your privilege of using our services even if you have already made payment in full If:

  1. You do not cooperate with our operations team during the ordering process
  2. You conceal important information
  3. You provide false and misleading information
  4. We suspect you are involved in fraudulent activities


These terms and conditions can be unilaterally modified by the company without any prior warning. We recommend that you pass by this page before placing an order to see if any changes have been made.