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Unlike other firms that offer help with assignments/homework of all subjects, ComputerNetworkAssignmentHelp provides help with homework assignments on computer networks only. Our firm comprises of some of the best network experts who are PhDs in different areas of computer networking. Thus, we are the specialists in offering services in Assignment Help, Homework Help, Project Help and 24×7 Online Help related to Computer Networking and Data Communication & Networking.

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While some of our computer network tutors specialize in Sockets Programming (Client Server and Web), others have vast experience in OSI and Internet Protocols.

OSI and Internet Protocols, Semantics and  Syntax of  TCP, Congestion Control, Routing (Distance Vector), Error Detection, Multiple Access Protocols, Data Encoding are a few topics in Computer Networks in which we provide Help with Homework Assignments and Projects.

Our Computer Security Tutors provide help with Computer Security Assignments in topics like Cryptography, Threats and Firewalls. We also provide Project Help and Homework Help in Network Management including SNMP and Troubleshooting in Networks.

Here are some sample codes, which accentuate our claim:

Using sockets, an implementation of a model of TCP client I server. From server to client thereafter from client to server there is transfer of a message in the form of text.


(1. tcpserver-Socket programmingcode  PDF name)tcpClient

(2. Winsock_TCPClient programming code PDF name)Similar to the above one but now it is UDP model of client/server.udpServer.c

(3. udpServer-winsock Programmingcode PDF name)udpClient.c 

(4. UdpClient Programming code PDF name) For obtaining a host’s IP addressgetaddr.c

(5. Getaddress-winsock prgramming code PDF name)For obtaining IP address’s  host namegetname.c.

(6. Getname_winsocket programmingcode PDF name)An example code showing the implementation of the POSIX  and WINDOWS threadsthread.c.

(7. Posix_Threads Programming code PDF name)

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