How your ordering process works?

You are required to go ahead systematically while placing your order. You can submit your assignment through the email or by using Live chat feature incorporated in our website. Alternatively, you can go to our order page and place your order. Next stage is that of payment through electronic mode. You can pay to us electronically through your PayPal account. Then your assignment is allocated to the professional. He works on your order and finishes the assignment as soon as possible. The process of allocation of work to expert takes generally less than one day, we are more prompt if the deadline is very close. After the expert finishes your assignment, we send your assignment solution in your email inbox for your review. Then the order is closed. If you have some doubts and want to go ahead with some amendments or revision, you can ask us for the same. IF you are satisfied then the order is closed. All the assignment solutions are delivered within the deadline.

How can I be sure that your work would meet your promises?

The first thing that we would reiterate that native English speaking experts would work on your order to execute it. The work that is finished by the expert is checked by the quality control team to ensure that the executed work meets all your instructions and our standards. We have another safeguard too. If you are not satisfied with our work, we are always ready to rework on it and perform the amendments and revision free of cost. Most of our experts are post graduates and doctorates with industry experience. We have a very strict recruitment process for our experts. They are tested thoroughly in their area of expertise before being inducted as our expert. The result is that we are rarely in the situation that our client is not satisfied with our draft of a solution. All the above-mentioned facts are enough to ensure that we maintain the quality standards that meet your expectations.

Why should we choose your company over other service providers?

In addition to the facts mentioned above, we ensure utmost security and confidentiality of your order. We never share your details with any third party under any circumstances. We take full guarantee of delivering completely plagiarism free work in your email inbox. If we somehow fail to deliver a plagiarism free work within the deadline, then you can claim your refund from us. We are a company which is global in a true sense. We have an international presence and right now we are operating in countries like the US, UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the UAE. We have a strong team of over 1500 experts who work for us. These are the factors that offer us an advantage to us over the other service providers. The facts mentioned above have made us one of the most trusted brands in the world. On the basis of these facts, you can entrust us and hand over your burden of writing the assignment to us. In the process, you are ensured to receive a hundred percent genuine content in your draft of solution.

What are the topics your researchers cover?

We cover all the topics under the aegis of computer network assignment help that you can study under any curriculum at the University, College, or School levels or any other learning institute. We can draft assignment solution on any topic related to computer network. Our pool of experts is growing every day and we are continuously tapping the new market. There is practically no area related to computer network wherein we have not helped our students in the past through our portal.

Will my Identity remain confidential?

Your identity and other details that you share with us would never be shared with a third party under any circumstances. If you use our services correctly, according to the ways mentioned above, you just never need to worry.

The work that I assigned to you was completed, but I did not receive it? Do I get my refund?

In those unforeseen circumstances, we would first prove to you that your work was finished on time. There might be some technical issues on your system and you may not be able to see our work, we are not responsible for that as it is a situation beyond our control. But if we are not able to prove to you that your assignment was finished within time, then you would get the full refund.

What is your email address for customer support?

The email id that belongs to our customer support is info@computernetworkassignmenthelp.com

How would I receive my assignment work?

You would receive your assignment solution after it is finished by our expert in your email inbox. It is generally a word document but any other software that is demanded by the assignment can be used.

When will my work arrive?

Your work would arrive in your email inbox well within the stipulated deadline. If the deadline is extremely short, then the solution draft to your assignment is generally delivered within the same day. But you must clear any outstanding amount that is due, to receive the order.

When and how to pay?

After you have posted your assignment to us, then there is a process wherein, we allocate your assignment to the expert who would execute your assignment and offer you the solution. Before this process of allocation, and after you upload your assignment through email or through order form of our website, you need to make the payment. You can make the payment through secured PayPal gateway. As soon as the payment is done you would receive a notification email, on the ID that you specify while making the payment. You can pay the money in installments, however, the entire chunk of payment has to be done before you receive the solution in your email inbox.

What if you fail to meet the deadline?

We have extreme regards towards meeting the deadline specified by our clients. This invariably never happens, when we are delivering the service. However, in unforeseen circumstances, if such a situation arises; then you would get the full refund.

What should I do with the work I have received?

You must read and by heart the work that has been sent to you. You should make one or two mock presentations of the work in front of your friends. This would prepare you thoroughly for the viva-voce over the assignment. Because we have done our work, and now the onus lies with you over how you present the work for superior grades.

I have a question which has not been answered here? What should I do?

You should get in touch with our customer support team through live chat feature incorporated in our website. They are surely going to help you out in solving all your queries.