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Comparison of OSI and TCP/IP modelsExplore the similarities and differences between the OSI and TCP/IP models.
Data encapsulation in the OSI modelUnderstand how data is encapsulated and transferred across different layers of the OSI model.
Routing in the OSI modelLearn about the routing process and how it is implemented within the OSI model.
Error detection and correction in the OSI modelDiscover the methods used for error detection and correction within the OSI model.
Flow control in the OSI modelExplore the techniques employed for managing the flow of data within the OSI model.
TCP/IP protocol suiteGain an understanding of the TCP/IP protocol suite and its components.
IP AddressingDive into the concepts of IP addressing, subnetting, and IP routing.
EthernetLearn about the Ethernet technology and its role in computer networks.

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